About Us

The University of Palermo (UNIPA) is a consolidated cultural, scientific and teaching presence in central-western Sicily. Its 16 Departments cover the most important domains of contemporary scientific and technological knowledge.

About 122 courses (first and second cycle) are yearly offered as well as 44 master and specialization and 23 PhD courses, targeted to the training of specific professional figures, often in cooperation with external institutions and companies.

The University General Hospital is a local health corporation that works in synergy with the School of Medicine. It provides beds, day-hospital beds, and a first-aid service.

UNIPA is also present in three other cities in Sicily, apart Palermo: Agrigento, Caltanissetta e Trapani.

There is a closed link between UNIPA and the labor market: 3rd students of 1st cycle degree courses and 2nd year students of the 2nd cycle experience practice periods within public or private companies and agencies.

FORME is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation based in the heart of Palermo, Italy, created in 2014. Forme was born from the co-working experience of professionals, bringing together people with vision and passion towards a functioning and responsible society. The organisation is composed by project managers, educators, psychologists, cultural mediators, social workers, journalists and other actors active in the social and educational field.
The aim of the association is the empowerment of individuals, communities and social networks through skills development and through mediation between different sectors.
The mission of the organisation is to promote non-formal education as a complementary methodology to formal education, and to bring closer theory to practice: the world of education to the world of work.

We strongly believe in skills development as a trigger for positive social changes and we develop educational courses in order to reach tangible outcomes.

We propose educational activities and support social initiatives aiming at the establishment of respectful societies based on non-discrimination, tolerance, equal opportunities, peace and solidarity.

To reach satisfying employment opportunities we intervene at two levels: through competence development of young people and young adults with the aim to overcome skills mismatch between the labour market and the educational system, and through the promotion of participation in policy development with the focus on advocacy for quality internships and recognition of non-formal learning outcomes.

Through our activities we promote a reciprocal approach in cooperation and networking, fostering the exchange and sharing of resources between organisations and providing guidance and coaching for groups and individuals.

Maghweb is an association of social promotion which mainly deals with information and communication for international cooperation and social activities. The idea was developed in 2012 thanks to the monitoring of Italian and Spanish NGOs that at the time worked in the region of Maghreb.
Two years later, in 2014, the collective named Maghweb was officially born. Following an impulse, the desire of a new challenge, a group of communicators and journalists detaches from the traditional information and imports, shaping it according to the European context, a Latin-American model of interpretation of communication: no-profit communication.

The association aims to sustain, promote and broadcast cultural and artistic activities, cinema, documentaries and information on activities with a social impact or related to international cooperation, in particular through journalism, communication and documentary.

Maghweb offers its partnership also in order to take care of project design and implementation, especially to build and create communication and information plans, tailored on the project itself, which can strengthen the project idea.

Information, communication and broadcast of projects and activities with a social impact or related to international cooperation through any mean of communication, but with a special interest in documentaries and audiovisual products.

Issuing reportages, documentaries and taking care of the communication sector as a whole and as a means to sustain any organisation implementing projects and activities with a social impact.